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Shipping price includes packaging and freight. 

We Accept All Credit Cards, PayPal and Google Wallet. Shipping Now $5 Less.

3 day or less guarantee Express shipment available at an extra cost.  Price depends on size of shipment and location.  Please let us know if you would like your case shipped this way.

4-7 day Standard shipping cost:

In the United States - $49 ($35 in California)

Canada - $100  U.K. - $120 Spain $135 Japan - $135

Australia - $165  United Arab Emirates - $185

Germany - $135  The Netherlands - $140

France - $140  Italy - $135 Russia - $145 - Sweden - $130

Ecuador - $155  Hong Kong - $155  Denmark - $135 Brazil - $150 Mexico $125

Belgium - $135 Switzerland - $135 China - $155  Other Countries - $165

The BoomCase works on 100-240v 50-60hz. 

We can ship anywhere in the world. Just ask if we have not listed your country yet and we can give you shipping cost. We ship all International Orders Express. While the price is slightly higher, it is much quicker (5-10 days to most countries), fully insured and traceable.

The BoomCase team cares for the environment: In addition to repurposing vintage suitcases (upcycling) – we only use recyclable/biodegradable packing material.


We offer 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you are not happy with your BoomCase please contact us for exchange or refund. Email


Where Can I Buy A BoomCase in Person?
The BoomCase is Currently Carried in these fine stores with a few more on the way. Dijital Fix – NYC & San Francisco + Score – San Diego + A&G Merch/Dijital Fix - San Francisco + CoStar - Austin,TX + Paul Smith - Milan,Italy + Klein Epstein & Parker - West Hollywood,CA + A.K. Rikk’s- Grand Rapids, MI. - The Conran Shop London & Paris - Urban Outfitters Located in NYC,Brooklyn,San Francisco,Miami,Toronto,Honolulu, Los Angeles,Santa Monica.

How Does The BoomCase Work?
Simply Plug your Audio Device into the Aux Input, turn on the power switch and play. See the Diagram Below For A Better Understanding of the BoomCase controls.


Does the BoomCase come with a warranty?

Yes. We put a lot of work into each BoomCase. So we will fix most issues that come up for free if you send your BoomCase back to us. If you damage a speaker or your battery goes bad because it wasn’t properly charged we can replace them at cost. Some issues that have come up (and we fixed for free) – accidental breaking of the on/off switch, breaking audio cable inside audio input jack or bending the charging port. We have had this happen to about 5 cases so far. Other than that the BoomCase is pretty solid and will last you a long long time.

How much does the BoomCase weigh?

Most BoomCases weigh between 11-16lbs. Our lightest BoomCase is only 6lbs and our heaviest 30lbs. It all depends on size, amount of speakers and options chosen.

How long does it take to recharge a BoomCase?

Its takes between 4-5 hours to recharge a BoomCase with a very low battery. We now offer battery meters on every BoomCase. If not listed on the BoomCase you want to purchase just ask.

Will the Boomcase work with a electric guitar, synthesizer or microphone?

Yes. We can configure your Case to accept any type of input but suggest a small headphone amp on certain guitars to get a little extra volume as BoomCases are setup to be more like a home stereo versus an actual “guitar amp”. See an example of a BoomCase, a mixer and Synths here – YouTube. You can also use Amplitude for the iPhone. 

Do you have an email list?

If you look on the right side of our Blog you will see an Email Subscription button. If you sign up you will receive the latest news about available BoomCases and Suitcases. We are also on Facebook.

Can I get protective grills put on my speakers?

Of course. We offer speaker grills for most of the speakers on the BoomCase. Prices start at $25. Grills might not be available on the smaller speakers. If the option is not listed please just ask after purchase.

How Does the Electrical Plug Work? What can I power with it?

We add an inverter inside the BoomCase and put a plug on the side. This allows you to power devices such as your laptop or a mixer directly off the case.

How Long Does It take to Make a BoomCase?

It takes us about two to six weeks to complete and ship a custom ordered BoomCase. The BoomCase is handmade by a team of three people.

Privacy Policy:

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How does the USB Charger and Battery Charger Work? 

Just plug in the battery charger to the case and let it be. Its fully automatic. The USB charger allows you to charge any device that can charge from a computer USB port.(iPod,iPhone,BlackBerry,Droid, Various Mp3 Players etc.)

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