Need a sound system in the middle of the woods?

On a photo shoot where there is no power? For your wedding? BoomCase has you covered.

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A Recent Review of our Rental Program:

Wonderful Rental Experience - I rented the Double Boom II boomcase for my wedding and it was spectacularly awesome. We used it to play music from an iPod outdoors and in the woods where there was no power anywhere nearby even if you had long extension cords. Sound quality was very respectable and the volume was plenty loud for playing tunes. We also used it as a PA for our wedding ceremony, in conjunction with a 9v battery powered mixer by Behringer (one of their xenyx series). That gave us phantom power, tons of mic inputs and iPod inputs for music all simultaneously. All in all it worked beautifully!…I also used it as a PA to play my trumpet through, using a special transducer pickup which eliminated the chance of feedback. We played two sets and the boomcase had plenty muscle for the cocktail jazz…We used it for a very solid portion of the wedding day and it kept rocking well into the night at the after party. The battery life on this thing is unstoppable!! I was blown away by how long it kept going…The whole transaction was arranged via email and Dominic was a very easy guy to work with, friendly and professional. It arrived in several layers of bubble wrap with some promotional pins and stickers inside which were cool. If I have another large event that needed outdoor music with mobility I would 100% rent a boomcase again, and I would wholeheartedly recommend the same to anyone who had similar needs. It makes you feel cool to walk around with it and it is guaranteed to spark conversations. I’m very impressed and had a total blast with this puppy. LOVED IT. – John “

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Ashley of Buzz Worthy SF Events:

"Your BoomCase was an epic part of our event. I have to say that I have not thought to use a set up like this for a wedding before and it was perfect! I produce destination events in other countries and often I run into the problem with beach weddings and remote locations where power is an issue. Either it is not supplied or it can not reach areas where we need it. Your products alleviate that issue plus made it look awesome! The sound too was incredible for sitting on a beach with waves and wind!"

Tulum, Mexico.

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