Customer Order Process

Custom Orders Open! 

Check The "Available Cases" Section to see our selection.

Or contact us via our contact form or direct - . We are open to any idea you might have for a sound system, suitcase or not : )

Here are the simple steps in creating your very own Custom BoomCase:

  1. Click Available Cases and Pick Your Favorite. You are also welcome to send your own.
  2. Choose options:
    • 400 watt 200 watt or 50 watt system
    • USB charger
    • Double Battery Life
    • 125w External Electrical Plug
    • External Volume Control
    • Speaker Grills
  3. Choose a speaker set up design or you can leave it to my creative judgment to design one for you.
    • We use a variety of speakers but if you have special requests for something (different colors, brand, size etc.) we don't carry we are glad to order them for you at an extra charge. 
    • Three and Four Speaker Setups are standard. Any additional speakers will added to the final price.
  4. Your Case is on its way to becoming a BoomCase!

We are open to any creative ideas you have and any options you might want to add.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for final creation and shipment of your BoomCase.

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