Handmade in California, USA – Since 2009.

The Original Rechargeable Vintage Suitcase BoomBox.

The BoomCase works with any device with a headphone output. Simply plug your phone, iPhone,iPod,computer etc. into the BoomCase AUX port and play your music for over 18 hours on a single charge. We also offer Bluetooth Connectivity for wireless play!

We ship anywhere in the world. The BoomCase works on 100-240v 50-60hz. 

The BoomCase Story

The BoomCase was born in the Inner Sunset District of San Francisco, CA. Discouraged from always having to buy 12 “D” batteries for my BoomBox (which didn’t sound that great), I decided to build my own.

I have been building portable battery powered speaker systems since 1999. When it came time to make my own Boombox I had two goals: 1.) It had to have a built-in rechargeable battery. 2.) It had to sound great.

In the Summer of 2010 I decided to put pictures up of a new “BoomCase” on my artist website www.MrSiMo.com and My Etsy Store. Soon After ChipChick.com blogged about us. Engadget.com re-blogged ChipChick.com’s post and the rest is history.

The BoomCase is currently Hand-Made in Sacramento, California. We are opening a new shop in Oakland, CA in late 2016.

Each BoomCase is a one of a kind piece. No two BoomCases are the same. 

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How Does The BoomCase Work?

Simply Plug your Audio Device into the Aux Input, turn on the power switch and play. Bluetooth also available. See the Diagram Below For A Better Understanding of the BoomCase controls.


While I have been making portable music machines since 2000, I’ve drawn some inspiration from the man selling stereos and bumping his homemade BriefCase Stereo at the FleaMarket in Sacramento, The Person who did the Various Store Displays in San Francisco that involved vintage cases and speakers, The VW Beetle Scene who has been making suitcase stereos for ages and the original “BoomCase” such as the “Wildcat” by GE. 

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Shipping price includes packaging and freight. 

We Accept All Credit Cards and PayPal. 3 day or less Express shipping available at an extra cost. Price depends on size of shipment and location. Please let us know if you would like your case shipped this way.

4-7 day Standard shipping cost:

In the United States - $49 ($35 in California)

Canada - $100  U.K. - $120 Spain $135 Japan - $135

Australia - $165  United Arab Emirates - $185

Germany - $135  The Netherlands - $140

France - $140  Italy - $135 Russia - $145 - Sweden - $130

Ecuador - $155  Hong Kong - $155  Denmark - $135 Brazil - $150 Mexico $125

Belgium - $135 Switzerland - $135 Other Countries - $165

The BoomCase Works World-Wide on 100-240v & 50-60hz. 


We Also Offer BoomCase Rentals. See more details here - RENTALS LINK

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